All our 2024 events are live and taking entries. Our final event is St Edmunds Trail races on 1 December, after that I 'hang up my race directors hat'... Kevin


Volunteer Crew

Positive Steps holds several events during the year for runners/walkers to challenge themselves and/or raise money for charity. For every event a team of volunteer Crew provides essential support to help the day go smoothly and give plenty of enthusiasm and encouragement to the participants.

Why volunteer?

Whether you are a runner/walker yourself or come along to support a friend or family member, we’d love you to invite you to be part of the Crew. Your support can make all the difference to their enjoyment of the event, and it’s fun! Volunteer experience can also give you the chance to learn new skills, offer your talents and boost your CV.

What will I be asked to do?

There will be a variety of jobs available on the day e.g. registering participants, car parking duties, helping with food/drink on a checkpoint, awarding medals. If you have anything in particular you’d like to do, just let us know!

Will I need training?

No experience is required and if you’re new to volunteering at our events, we’ll make sure you work alongside an experienced Crew member.

Crew bonus!

If you volunteer for us we’d like to thank you with a race ‘credit’ to take part in a future event. Volunteering for up to 4 hours will earn you a credit worth 50% of a race entry, volunteering over 4 hours will earn you a credit worth 100% of a race entry.

Join the Crew!

Please see the event pages of the website for full details of the events – timings, locations etc...

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