Training Options

Personal Training Taster Session

Take a FREE 20 minute Personal Training test drive to see what it is all about.

Kevin Marshall on 07955 495016/ or Bury Physio on 0128 748200

Train at Bury Physio Gym - Maynewater Lane Bury St Edmunds

You can come and train at Bury Physio, small friendly, quiet, gym. This option can be ideal if you are recovering from injury for example and need to transition from physiotherapist to focusing more on overall fitness. One hour session cost £35

Kevin Marshall on 07955 495016/ or Bury Physio on 01284 748200

Train at Home

I offer Personal Training in your home, delivering a programme specifically to meet your goals. I will bring all the equipment you need for a fun and effective session. If you have your own equipment I can make sure you get the most out of it and we can incorporate it into your training.

Kevin Marshall on 07955 495016/


"I’ve been working out at home now for quite a few years. My wife however, was constantly saying “are you doing this right? - Think you need so see a personal trainer”. I was far from convinced but eventually she ground me down and to keep her quiet I contacted Kevin.

That was over a year ago and I have to say that he has totally changed my perspective on exercise and particularly the need for proper stretching (61 now and things are starting to slowly seize up).

He pushes you but does so within your limits and I am now a lot more supple with improved strength that I was a year ago. One other benefit of training with Kevin is that whatever he teaches you can be done without the need for expensive equipment. A ten-minute stretch session sets you up for the day and the relevant exercises can be done almost anywhere. The only real investment needed (for me anyway) was an exercise ball (costing less than 15.00).

Training sessions are not that expensive but if cash is tight, cut something less important out – like a round of drinks in the pub on a Friday night.

I can’t speak highly enough about this guy and am confident to recommend him to anybody, regardless of age and current fitness level. Try it out, your health can only improve.

Lou 5 April 2017

"Having had an operation in January and struggled to lose weight for a long time, I sought out Kevin as a Personal Trainer. He has been incredibly patient, encouraging me to strengthen my redundant core muscles, work around existing conditions, and improve long-standing problems that I had struggled with for years.

I am regaining shoulder movement that I had lost after having a frozen shoulder. I have strengthened a set of weak knees, and bought a bike, something that would have been incomprehensible to me six months ago. I can now do sit ups unaided, which a few short weeks ago were impossible, and every week, I seem to reach a new milestone.

I can heartily recommend Kevin's patience and teaching style, he is friendly and full of good advice."

Judith S, September 2016

"Both me and my partner have issues with our backs ,my partner much more than myself, struggling to bend down to put his socks on in the morning, not being able to stretch down only as far as his knees. We wanted to find someone who could help us both to lose weight and exercise without damaging our backs further.

We have been with Kevin just over 4months and he has been amazing. We have both lost over 2 stone each, about 5 inches off our waists. What a transformation! Just 1 hour a week in the gym with Kevin giving us all the support we both needed with exercise and healthy eating advice we are feeling on top of the world!

Goals which we never thought we could achieve just by changing the way we eat, exercise and positive thinking! My partner can now nearly touch his toes which he never thought he would be able to do and that's all thanks to Kevin! Its been an amazing journey so far,once we get back from our holidays we will be back in the gym doing it all again!"

Paula (and Mark), August 2016